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Jay Goodman Health and Fitness, offers you Market Harborough’s / South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire’s top training experience.

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Personal Training

Stuck in training rut? Dislike going to a gym? Stopped seeing progression? Increase muscular strength? Need to lose weight? Want to drop a dress size for that special occasion? Need to rehabilitate an injury? Then Personal Training could be for you.

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virtual personal training

Virtual Training

Not in the Market harborough area? No problem, the virtual trainer is here to assist you. whether you want to lose weight, tone up, increase muscle mass / size, become more athletic or improve your running.

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personal fitness trainer

Diabetes & Weight Management

The primary goal of weight management is to prevent the accumulation of excess body fat, or to reduce body fat to an acceptable level in order to prevent/aid further associated health risks such as Heart attack, stroke, angina, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes to name but a few.

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health and fitness for the elderly

Training For The Elderly (60+)

Over 60 and want to stay healthy, active, mobile and flexible? It is now well established that health-related problems increase with both age and inactivity.

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With currently two sessions running in the Market Harborough area, a bootcamp is a great way to start your journey to a new you in the company of a wide range of abilities and ages. Sessions are constantly varied ensuring you will never become tired of the same old routine.

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Nutrition forms a major part of any training programme get you diet wrong and you won’t be achieving maximal performance during your training session and therefore not gaining maximal training effect.

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If you have just returned from injury, had physiotherapy and have been deemed fit for everyday life but wish to restart training then rehabilitation fitness is for you.

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health and fitness training

3 Peak Challenges

Ever considered a diferent challenge? Then maybe a 3 Peak challenge is is what you are looking for. Challenge yourself with friends as a company event or the rasise monies for charity.

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At 39 and never been a gym member in my life, I realised it was time I had to work to keep the body I wanted

Emma Newey

After a lifetime of sport I found myself at the age of 46 riddled with old injuries and frustrated at my inability to train properly.

Paul 46 Market Harborough

Over the recent years, the conditions of my knees have unfortunately become worse. I was having problems with walking and my knees would hurt a lot.

Nusrat Chawdhri


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