Nutrition forms a major part of any training programme get your diet wrong and you won’t be achieving maximal performance during your training session and therefore not gaining maximal training effect.

Surely if I exercise I can eat what I like, whenever I want it, and in whatever quantity. This would indeed be great, however life just isn’t fair and unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. Nutrition during everyday life whether a person is active or not is important. Foods high in nutrients can give you lots of energy, in turn this you can help with your career, your workout routine, chores around the house and just about all aspects of your life.

It goes without saying that eating right helps your body in many ways.  As the body gets healthier, your appearance, skin and confidence all improve along with the benefit of a reduced risk of various health related illnesses and diseases.

Nutrition and fitness go together without exception, there’s no point in spending time in the gym if you’re going to go and eat more calories than you have burnt. It’s just as important to fuel your body with the right foods, so you gain maximum training effect, trying to run on foods which cause fluctuations in your energy will only have a detrimental effect therefore stay away from the cheesburgers. Instead load up on some good carbohydrates and protein, you can find these in things like whole grain rice and pasta, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans,  skinless chicken, red meat, fish and so forth.

Your brain only uses glucose for fuel, so don’t avoid carbohydrates,  If your body runs short then it will use the next best fuel source and believe it or not the next best source isn’t your fat!!  The body is unable to use its fat stores to produce glucose,  It’s the protein’s amino acids within the muscle which the body will break down into glucose, a process known as gluconeogenesis,  this though then causes other problems.   

Staying hydrated is also a vital part of nutrition, you might be tempted by drinks high in sugar such as soda drinks, and these drinks however will UN-stabilize your blood sugar levels and are not good for keeping you hydrated. Drink lots of water, even take a bottle with you when you train. Staying well hydrated is crucial. (See "The importance of staying hydrated" blog for further information)

To this end complete nutritional guidance plans are also available and if chosen, you can opt to have either just the guidance plan or include it in your personal training package.


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