rThe Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC) are the Army’s Physical Training elite who are responsible for physical fitness and physical education for the army as a whole, they are also responsible for training assistant Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) taken from all arms / units of the British Army and are known as All Arm Physical Training Instructors (AAPTIs). To join the RAPTC is by invitation only and involves several fierce training and selection processes. RAPTCIs are amongst the fittest men and women in the Army, and are experts in presentation, instruction, coaching, organisation, event management along with delivery of training of their chosen specialisation.

The minimum rank in the RAPTC is Sergeant. As such, all instructors have the wisdom that you would expect from an experienced manager.

Once a seven month selection process is completed and passed, individuals are accepted/passed into the RAPTC where they then predominantly specialise in one of the following: Instructors do however cross train and are able to offer advice and deliver training in all three specialisations.

Main stream: Responsible for individual unit’s physical and mental robustness thus ensuring the unit they are attached to is always ready for deployment on operational duties. Main stream instructors also ensure adventurous training is conducted each year both here in the UK and overseas and are pivital to the organisation of this training.

Exercise Rehabilitation Instructors (ERIs): To become an ERI, APTCI's undertake a further training course at Hedley Court and on completion become responsible for conducting physical training in order to return soldiers back to active duty, this includes soldiers who have sustained not only minor injuries but include injuries such as loss of limb.

Adventurous Training Instructors (A/T). Responsible for delivering adventurous training and conducting adventurous training courses/qualifications to the whole of the Army

Each instructor is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) at a minimum level 3 personal trainer. ERI’s are level 4. All instructors are highly self-motivated individuals with a depth of knowledge in physical training. This enables them to construct specific, individual strength and conditioning programmes or more generalised training programmes for wide and diverse range of clientele.

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