If you have just returned from injury, had physiotherapy and have been deemed fit for everyday life but wish to restart training then rehabilitation fitness is for you.

With one-to-one sessions focusing on your specific injury, utilising exercises designed to strengthen and condition the musculature and connective tissues with the aim of getting you back to back to a fitness level whereby you will be able to start a normal progressive training programme.

Many people struggle with conducting rehabilitation exercises due to the length of time it can take to fully recover from and injury, the monotony of the exercises along with just fitting in the time to conduct the training during busy days and the 100mile an hour lifestyle many of us lead. This however often leads to many people trying to return from injuries faster than their bodies are physically ready for and becoming reinjured. By having a structured and progressive training programme focusing on your needs with someone there to motivate, guide and assist you, you will be more likely to make a full recovery with the chance of a reoccurring injury being less likely to happen.

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