The Parachute Regiment

The Parachute Regiment “Para’s” Nicknamed the ” Red Devils” formed during the Second World War, at the order of Sir Winston Churchill in order to deliver a specialised infantry airborne operational capability. Airborne forces were required to operate at reach, with a light logistic footprint, often beyond traditional lines of support. This demanded Special qualities of the airborne soldier, whether launched into battle by parachute or glider.

A Paratrooper is therefore required not only to be physically fit but mentally robust, demonstrate personal motivation, self-reliance, initiative and intelligence. During rigorous selection processes and hard training the airborne soldier is expected to develop resilience, self-confidence and a fierce determination to succeed, whatever the difficulties.

The Para’s provide the capability to deploy an infantry force at short notice,  and in the most demanding circumstances. As such, it is trained and ready to form the spearhead for the Army's rapid intervention capability.

Its watchwords are professionalism, resilience, discipline, versatility, courage and self-reliance. It is light by design, because this confers speed of reaction, and is expert at air-land deployments, by helicopter, aeroplane or parachute.

It is trained to conduct a range of missions, from prevention and pre-emption tasks, to complex, high intensity war fighting. It is also trained to provide direct support to United Kingdom Special Forces, with whom it maintains close links and to whom it contributes a very significant proportion of manpower

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